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If you’ve been looking for a good mix of classic rock, modern alternative rock, pop rock, emo, or heavy metal, then The Rock Party is the place for you! If you like more music and less talk (currently none), or more music and less commercials (currently none), then you have found a new home here.

Less Talk, More Music

We know you don’t tune in to a radio station to listen to a DJ talk. You want more rock, less talk. Frankly, the best part of a DJ talking is getting the names of the bands and songs being played, and half the time they don’t actually do that.

This is where your Internet connection has an advantage. You want to know who sang that song that your heard 10 minutes ago? Just click on the Song History link above.

We won’t fill your music hour with 27 minutes of talking (or whatever). All music, all the time. The only exception to this is when The Rock Party is hosting a live on-location event, which will be a rare occurrence.

Fewer Ads During Broadcast (Actually… NO Ads!), More Music

Here at The Rock Party, we take our music seriously. Seriously enough to avoid polluting your listening pleasure with annoying commercials. As a result, The Rock Party is strictly non-profit. There music stream has absolutely no paid ads (and for the record, no unpaid ads either). In the interest of promoting the station to a wider audience, we may in the future accept brief, cross-promotional ads. However, these will not exceed 1 minute per hour.  The focus must remain on the music!

Available in InWorldz, Second Life and other Gaming Worlds

The first broadcast of The Rock Party, was from within the massive multiplayer online world of Second Life (SL). As a result, The Rock Party is virtual world friendly and supports all compatible grids, including InWorldz and Open Sim grids. It uses a ShoutCast streaming server for maximum compatibility with these environments. If you need the URL for your InWorldz or Second Life land parcel, or in-world radio, you could just use http://listen.therockparty.com/.  However, some viewers do not support redirected URLs, so for complete compatibility with all viewers including those, set your land parcel to:

http://techno.neostreams.info:10014/      (updated)


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