Live Show Tonight! 9-11pm PST / Midnight-2am EST

Live DJ show at 9pm Pacific/12am Eastern

Tonight we will be broadcasting a special rare live show from the InWorldz Dreamz & Visionz Art Festival!

It will be the last entertainment event of the festival, immediately following the wonderful and talented live performance by CelticMaidenWarrior starting at 9pm PST/IWT.

The lineup for the evening (all times InWorldz times, Pacific):

8:00 pm / 11:00 pm EST    CelticMaidenWarrior

9:00 pm / 12:00am EST  Live on The Rock Party

(all times InWorldz Time, same as Pacific time)

Where: at the “InWorldz Events A” region in InWorldz, somewhere near this:

Hope to see you there!

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