Off The Air (Again)

Later today, July 25 2017, I’ll be shutting down The Rock Party (a second time).

It looked like Radionomy was a service that would allow The Rock Party to continue, but on further investigation, it turns out that they talk a big game but don’t have the cards. They are not at all what they promote, and not at all what we need for We wouldn’t mind paying for this service without these restrictions, but one restriction is that you must suffer all these restrictions — there are no options to pay for alternatives.

As a result, later today, will stop broadcasting again, at least until such time as a solution can be found that resolves the licensing nightmare for small independent stations.


Radionomy says:
Music Licensing Coverage
We have got you covered. We cover all the music licensing necessary to stream online. You just program the music and content you love.
Seems to cover licensing in the US only, or … not clear… and intentionally blocked in some countries. Not licensed in some (most?) of the countries receiving broadcast. This is a showstopper for us, the only reason Radionomy looked exciting for The Rock Party was because of the statement above, which appears to be completely false.

Radionomy says:
We are totally free with absolutely no listener limits.
The above is a maximum. If you’re a big station, where they can generate advertising revenue, they’ll have you. If you are below their premiere station level of 130 listener hours per day, they give you 9 months to invest your time and energy into making playlists, shows, uploading music, making promos, promoting your station, and then they unceremoniously just delete your station and all of your music. They offer no option to actually pay to remain on the air, and there is no way we’re going to spend nine months trying to make listener levels reach their minimum levels, only to have them just delete the station. Sorry, but not going there.

Radionomy says:
Online Automation/Scheduler
Use the RadioManager online to manage your station 24/7. Or go live! Explore our professional radio scheduler to make your station sound exactly how you want it.
You need to play a 2-minute (exactly) track, twice per hour. This track cannot be repeated with the same title or artist within a 3 hour period or you get emails threatening deletion of your station. These aren’t ads or Radionomy promos, they don’t seem to have any real function except to mess up your playlist or cost you a lot of time trying to find songs or something else that is exactly 2-minutes long. You know, the kind of thing that is likely to get listeners to find something else to listen to.

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