Let’s Rock!

This is quite unexpected, but it seems most of the licensing issues (see January 20 post) that forced this station down can be easily resolved by hosting The Rock Party on the Radionomy broadcast service. We’ve done this, and uploaded enough music to begin a test. As this seems to be going well (except for not having enough music variety uploaded yet), it seems we can now say that The Rock Party is back!

You can find the station by searching for “rockparty” on Radionomy, or listen by using the built-in web player in the top-right corner of therockparty.com website. You can also find customize radio station pages at:


or at


You can also listen to the stream directly via:

When listening with an in-world viewer within a virtual world, set the land parcel’s music URL to:


The station will once again broadcast 24 x 7 and now supports unlimited listeners, and the ability to schedule regular shows, such as an hour of ballads in the morning, party songs in the evening, and hard rock at the midnight hour, maybe blues rock for an hour at noon, etc. We’re looking forward to being able to set up a specific schedule and do a more proper job of it all. This is exactly what we hoped might happen; the surprise is that it’s only been 5 months since the decision to shut down… WE’RE BACK!

There are lots of loose ends to tie up, such as the server status and song history links on the right side of the web page. The station pages linked above do show some of that, but it’s not a complete replacement for the old functionality. Improvements to come.

However, this might be short-lived again, given pressure by the music industry (such as Sony in this lawsuit against Radionomy). The article in that link is over a year old though, so let’s be optimistic and enjoy!

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