Listening Methods (and update on Live365)

Due to reliability problems with the design of, as of today, will no longer be available there.  There were already many other ways to listen to The Rock Party, and adding an unreliable method was not in anyone’s best interest.

The problems at were mostly related to their orientation towards stations they hosted, rather than those doing live broadcasts.  They also reported potential DMCA warnings in that the station promos (all 30 seconds or less) did not have “album information”.  But the large issue was that if there was a problem sending the broadcast stream, Live365 would automatically change the setting from “live” to “basic” (meaning hosted by them), which meant that there was no broadcast by The Rock Party on Live365 until the station was manually set back to “live”.  After the third time this occurred, and after considerable “dead air” on Live365, it was decided that Live365 was not an appropriate hosting vehicle for The Rock Party.  TRP is no longer available on Live365.

To listen to The Rock Party, please use the pop-out player in the upper-right area of website, or any Shoutcast-compatible player, including Windows Media Player, iTunes, WinAMP, or in any web browser on the TuneIn Radio website page for The Rock Party, or by searching the website itself for “The Rock Party”.

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