Moved Website

Sorry for the temporary disruption of this website overnight. The final step in updates to was to move the actual website from its Hostgator hosting to the new A2 Hosting servers.  This didn’t quite go as planned, for reasons that were not due to either hosting company, but rather the complexities of moving a WordPress site with customized themes and many plugins and custom database setup. Fortunately, the problems were temporary and resolved in a few hours. It’s back!

The actual radio station was streaming normally during this time, and listeners were not affected, unless they were trying to listen via the website.  In the worst case, The Rock Party stream itself should always still be available at for Internet music stream players and virtual world parcel settings. From a web browser, it can also be found on the website with a search for “rock party”.

We’re very pleased with the new A2 Hosting servers, fast machines loading the website from solid-state drives (SSDs) and further performance improvements are coming.

As a bonus, you no longer need to remember the port number (although the other links with the ports will still work), the following subdomains are much easier to remember:   – server status  – song history  – the music stream itself

Hopefully this is the last change for a while. 😉

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