Temporarily Unavailable

This station, therockparty.com, is temporarily unavailable due to a problem at the Shoutcast server hosting company.  We have submitted a support ticket and are awaiting word back from them on the source of the trouble, and in the meantime, apologize for the extended downtime.

At this time, the station is running normally but unable to connect to the hosting provider.  The “Current server status” link demonstrates the issue.  We’re aware of the problem and hope to resolve it soon, or we may need to switch to a different hosting solution if this outage becomes much more of an extended downtime.

Update: We’ve temporarily enabled our own Shoutcast host at stream.therockparty.com and updated listen.therockparty.com, status.therockparty.com and history.therockparty.com subdomains to refer to that server.  You can use either the stream or listen prefix to listen to the station. It’s on port 80, the default port for HTTP, so if you use http://listen.therockparty.com/ or http://stream.therockparty.com/, no port number is required.

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