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You may or may not have noticed that web site has music player in the top-right corner of the page.  This player also has a “pop-out” button for listening in a separate window, which can be really convenient.

While I’m very happy with this player in general, it doesn’t beat the features and reliability of a dedicated music player. For Windows users, I strongly recommend something like WinAMP when listening to for long periods of time.  With a player installed that recognizes .PLS files, you can also save a link to on your desktop or elsewhere by downloading the .PLS file on the right hand side here, and double-clicking that to listen.

However, the popup web player is based on Adobe Flash.  While this provides a good cross-platform experience for most users, we have experienced several repeated crashes of the Adobe Flash environment, which stops music play when it happens.  If you see such a crash, you may need to refresh that window (typically F5) or close and reopen the music player.

We’re hoping that HTML5 and other recent advances will trigger a burst of activity resulting in the offering of many other music players based on technologies more reliable than Adobe Flash. website and the station music stream will both be down overnight, one more time, pending their move to the final station location.  Fear  not, the Internet connection should be live sometime tomorrow afternoon (December 19th), and both will return to full service at that time.

Downtime is expected to be about 12-14  hours.


Station Move Begins!

Over the next 24 hours, there may be short-term outages of while equipment is prepared for the final move, which should being tomorrow, December 1st.

For the next 24 hours, there may be periods as long as  an hour where the station machines are powered down.

Tomorrow, December 1st, will be physically moved to a new location outside Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  During the physical move, the station will be down.  It is expected to be back on the air as early as Saturday night, December 3rd.

We apologize for any inconvenience and promise to be bringing you the Internet’s best rock music as soon as we can!

Website Moving!

A request has already been filed to move website from our previous hosting provider (dreamhost) to our reseller umbrella account at hostgator.  This is expected to actually take place some time in the next 24 hours.

When this happens, there could be a temporary disruption of the website itself, and possibly the domain name redirection to the music stream (e.g., although it is will not affect the actual radio music stream, which continues to be broadcast from the server at

If you encounter any trouble listening during this period, just use WinAMP, Windows Media Player, iTunes or any other internet stream player and connect to rather than

We expect to have the domain name transition complete within a few hours.

Pop-out Radio Player

I just wanted to mention quickly that the radio player in the upper-right corner of home page can be “popped out” from the web page, using the little gadget in the upper-right corner of the player (the one with the arrow in the small box).  This will create a new small player window that you can resize, or even minimize, in order to make listening more convenient.

Of course you can also use standard audio stream media players, like WinAMP, iTunes and Windows Media Player, using the music stream URL, or download one of the playlist files on the right side of the home page.