Archive for the ‘Station News’ Category website and the station music stream will both be down overnight, one more time, pending their move to the final station location.  Fear  not, the Internet connection should be live sometime tomorrow afternoon (December 19th), and both will return to full service at that time.

Downtime is expected to be about 12-14  hours.


The Rock Party is back.  Now streaming again as usual, 24 x 7.  The big move over 1100 miles is complete, but streaming from a temporary location.

The much smaller final move to the permanent new location is scheduled for some time the weekend of December 17-20th, depending on when the Internet connection is available.  At that time the server machines will be moved to that location and there will be a much shorter downtime of about an hour.

Station Move Begins!

Over the next 24 hours, there may be short-term outages of while equipment is prepared for the final move, which should being tomorrow, December 1st.

For the next 24 hours, there may be periods as long as  an hour where the station machines are powered down.

Tomorrow, December 1st, will be physically moved to a new location outside Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  During the physical move, the station will be down.  It is expected to be back on the air as early as Saturday night, December 3rd.

We apologize for any inconvenience and promise to be bringing you the Internet’s best rock music as soon as we can!

The home office of The Rock Party will be moving over 1100 miles (over 1600 km), and across a time zone (Eastern to Atlantic), one month from now, on November 31st, 2011.  Of all goes well, the station music stream should be restored and broadcasting again, on or about the evening of December 3rd, although it may be off the air a bit longer than that depending on how things go at the new destination.

In the meantime, The Rock Party will continue broadcasting for the month of November, and promises no special Christmas or seasonal music programming will occur during that time. 😉

Hope to see you listening again once service is resumed in December!

Less than 3 hours until a special live show at the InWorldz Home and Residences Exhibit.  A pool party!

4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern

Lineup (all times InWorldz times, Pacific):

2:00 pm  DJTommy Seetan

3:00 pm Astoria Luminos

4:00 pm Live on The Rock Party

(all times InWorldz Time, same as Pacific time)

Where: InWorldz, at the Phlox Rox at Equinox Bash: